Who am I? Who are you?

April 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

Who am I is that which all the “whats” are about.  That is to say, the infinitely deep person that all the particular adjectives point to. While I can know the “whats” or quaila via my thoughts or rational mind, I must be reflected by a thou to know WHO is buried under all the observable phenomena regarding me.

Likewise, you can only know yourself fully in relation to another. Somehow, the ineffable mystery of you the person is most truly reflected back in the wordless expression in another’s eye, in the mirror of nature or in the depths of God’s ever shining love.

Get quiet and listen!  The problem with most prayer is that we do too much of the talking. Be still and know who you are directly. Let the message land like rain into the deepest reaches of your soul — the furthest locus of your individuality where God’s infinite Being melts into your being as it expresses itself in this space and time.

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